• Visa & Mastercard

    Due to the nature of our business (replica) we unfortunately cannot accept direct payment using Visa, Mastercard, but by using an intermediary, you can safely pay us using your credit card (read below about Western Union).

  • Western Union

    With Western Union you can pay using your credit card Visa or Mastercard.

    Firstly, you have to choose on our website the items you want to buy, checkout online and place the order on our website (without pay). Your order will be saved on our system and we will email you our payment receiver details and the amount to pay.

    You can then go to the Western Union website, fill their form with our payment details and pay using your Visa or Mastercard. Western Union will provide you a MTCN number, we will need this information for received your payment.

    With Western Union, you can also pay by cash by going to your local post office, local bank or any other agency affiliated with Western Union, to find a Western Union agency the most nearby you, please visit Western Union official website.

  • PayPal

    We can accept a payment by PayPal but at this moment it's exclusively reserved to our old customers.